Ready to grow your audience and grow your revenue—at the same time—but don't know how?

(Hint: That's not a catch-22.)


Tiny Knockout Offers is a Live In Person 2 hour workshop and tutorial bundle that can help you inject cash into your business and grow your audience quickly. Simultaneously.

Toss your lead magnets. Tiny Knockout Offers!

When: Thursday Nov 16 6-8pm

Where: St. Pete Conferene Center


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Now only $47!

Yes Please!

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I’m sharing what I know from my experience in my own businesses…

By dreaming big, but starting small

By beginning with teeny tiny knockout offers, then scaling to my bigger offers later…

Which allowed me to build the multimillion dollar company I have today.

This Tiny Knockout Offerworkshop is essentially five years in the making…

But it’ll only take you five days to implement. 😉

And after welcoming over 5,000 business owners of all industries, niches, and backgrounds, we want to welcome you, too!

Ready for quick cash and a more sustainable business in the process?

(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Create your Tiny Knockout Offer today!

 And did I mention that you can launch your Tiny Knockout Offer in less than a week?

Yep. This formula is fast.

Quick cash? Check.

Audience growth? Check.

Sustainable stream of income? Check.

And a proven formula to make it happen in 5 days or less? Checkety check check.

So... why a Tiny Knockout Offer?

And what even is a mini course?

Hello, I’m Kimberly Clark!

I’m a digital entrepreneur mentor and coach as well as an extremely successful digital entrepreneur. I’ve worked with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs in dozens of countries across the world, to help them build, market, and scale their businesses through digital marketing and digital products, because I truly believe life is too short to sit behind a desk all day!

The idea for this Tiny Knockout Offer Workshop came to me in the form of a thought I found myself pondering recently...

There is SO much up in the air with our economy that I know so many of my students are struggling, either because their businesses are not inflation-proof... or because their own customers and clients have drastically changed their purchasing habits...

Let's face it: Slow-growth strategies like free lead magnets often fill your list with freebie seekers instead of potential customers, and many of those leads never turn into sales.

We could all use a quick injection of cash right now, and we could all benefit from an audience-growing strategy, whether we're brand-new to business or have been around for a while. 

In light of this, I asked myself two questions:

Especially right now, when so many people need it the most, how can I help business owners grow their audience faster and more effectively


... and how can I help them create a quick cash injection into their business... like $1K in 5 days or less?


...I didn’t ask “How can I help them build a sustainable business?”  That can take a few months.

...didn’t ask “How can I help them launch an online course?” That can take a few weeks.


I asked “How can I help business owners see significant audience growth and make the most money and in the shortest amount of time?”

I mulled it over, then I circled back to what I know best...

A strategy I've been using for YEARS...

A strategy to create a quick cash injection that is panic-proof (and pandemic-proof) so a business—any type of business—can pivot and profit.


SUPER fast.

Like, less-than-five-days-and-then-it’s-freaking-DONE fast.

Three years ago when I had no list, no followers, and no budget I used the same strategy I teach inside Mini Yet Mighty Programs to get my online business started.
My strategy generated not $1K in 5 days, but $5K in 3 days.
(Which paved the way for me to have the successful multiple six figure business I have today.)
It's a strategy that so many six-, seven-, and eight-figure businesses follow every day.
This is the same strategy I've taught to over 3,000 business owners around the world.
It's your turn to learn the strategy now.
You’re so welcome. 😉

Right now you're struggling with:

  • Getting a steady stream of leads FAST.
  • Find leads that are ready to buy (not just freebie seekers)
  • Making passive income with your business
  • Getting a cash injection into your business
  • Selling your high ticket course or coaching program
  • Not having fancy tech skills
  • Not having a funnel
  • Wanting to create but not knowing where to start.

Imagine if in 5 days you: 

  • Have a steady stream of buyer leads who are ready to buy

  • Get paid to generate leads for your business

  • In just five days (or less), you can generate $1K (or more)

  • Don't need to come up with your own idea -  you get help with absolutely everything.
  • Come up with the perfect product—a simple digital product that your audience can't resist
  • Use Target®'s merchandising and sales psychology to sell your pocket at an irresistible price and make it a no-brainer buy for your audience, even when you believe your audience "isn't buying right now."
  • No need for fancy tech skills! 
  • Have a gateway to everything else your business has to offer!
  • Launch successfully and reach your ideal customers
  • Launch with zero list and zero budget for adspend. No audience? No problem!
  • Developing a super-simple sales funnel so you capture as many leads and sales as quickly as possible
  • Leverage the leads you get from your Mini Yet Mighty Product to grow your revenue from other products and services.
  • Have self-paying lead generation. In other words, you're getting paid for growing your audience.
Yes Please!

Ok... but what is a Tiny Knockout Offer?

Tiny Knockout Offers are a type of tripwire - a low cost, high value digital product - that you can create and sell to your audience simultaneously to grow both your audience and revenue.

The Tiny Knockout Offer workshop flips the concept of a tripwire on its head and shows you how to create an irresistible offer that your audience will love.

Best of all, Tiny Knockout Offers give you the ability to meet people right where they are - through an easy yes offer that is low cost, and then take them on a customer journey that leads them to your other (surely amazing) offers. 

Want specific examples of actual Tiny Knockout Offers?

Keep reading — we have those below!


So, what's in it for you?

The Tiny Knockout Offer formula is effective for every type of business - brick-and-mortar, online, products or services, coaches or consultants, local or global.

It's time to say goodbye to slow-grow, low ROI, businesses that tell you to build your audience before you even make a dollar, and hello to Tiny Knockout Offers.

When you're ready to ditch lead magnets and start seeing real revenue, Tiny Knockout Offers is for you.

If you're about to launch a course, but have no idea where to start or to whom you'll sell it, Tiny Knockout Offers is for you.

Heck, if you just want or need a quick cash injection into your business, then Tiny Knockout Offers is for you!

Inside the Tiny Knockout Offer workshop, you will  discover:

👉Picking the perfect mini course idea.

👉Turning that idea into a marketable digital product.

👉How to turn that digital product into an irresistible offer.

👉Creating and selling digital products: how to navigate the technical side.

👉How to find people who NEED your mini course, even if you have zero advertising budget or following.


…Complete with all the tech tutorials and templates you need to make this fast and easy for you!


 You can create products, programs, and services that will sell like hotcakes since your audience specifically requested them...

Growing your audience... and simultaneously growing your revenue...

That's what Tiny Knockout Offers did for my business.

That's the difference between using a lead magnet to fill your list with freebie hunters...

Instead of selling a Tiny Knockout Offer to fill your list with CUSTOMERS.

(In my case, it’s the 6 figure dollar difference.)


Inside Tiny Knockout Offers, I take you back to the beginnings of my online business.

In this course, I will share strategies I have never discussed in any of my other courses.

I'm sharing this stuff right now because I don't want your business to just survive...

I want it to thrive.

And it can 100%…

If you pivot for profit with Tiny Knockout Offers.

Try saying that five times fast.

Or... don’t.

Just join today. 😉

Grab Tiny Knockout Offers today...


Now only $47!

Yes! I'm Ready to Create My Tiny Knockout Offer!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here's what you'll learn inside Tiny Knockout Offers:

Learn how to come up with the perfect Tiny Knockout Offer—a simple digital product that your audience can't resist—using the "Magic W.A.N.D. Method" and positioning matrixes. The acronym alone (and those matrices!) are worth the entire cost of Tiny Knockout Offers!

Most importantly, you don't need to come up with your own pocket product idea - we help you with absolutely everything.

In just five days (or less), you can generate $1K (or more) if you use your Tiny Knockout Offer as your "first rung on the ladder" into your business. The Tiny Knockout Offers can be a gateway to everything else your business has to offer!

Use Target®'s merchandising and sales psychology to sell your mini product at an irresistible price and make it a no-brainer buy for your audience, even when you believe your audience "isn't buying right now."

(Hint: They most definitely are.)

Creating your Tiny Knockout Offer - tutorials and templates are provided to make this idea a reality. No need for fancy tech skills! With all the digital know-how you need, we've got you covered.

Launching your Tiny Knockout Offer successfully and reach your ideal customers—even if you have zero list and zero budget for ad spend. No audience? No problem!

Developing a super-simple sales funnel so you capture as many leads and sales as quickly as possible. Are you funnel-averse? Great! You definitely need Tiny Knockout Offers then!

How you can leverage the leads you get from your Tiny Knockout Offer to grow your revenue from other products and services. With your Tiny Knockout Offer, you're able to create a gateway for what I call self-paying lead generation. In other words, you're getting paid for growing your audience.

And did I mention that you can launch your Tiny Knockout Offer in less than a week?

Yep. This formula is fast.

Quick cash? Check.

Audience growth? Check.

Sustainable stream of income? Check.

And a proven formula to make it happen in 5 days or less? Checkety check check.

Yes! I'm Ready to Create My Tiny Knockout Offer!

You don’t need a ton of time to make this happen.

Actually, "tons of time" is sort of the antithesis of this whole idea.

Speed and simplicity are the key factors when it comes to Tiny Knockout Offers.

And of course, sales.

This quick workshop is set up so that you have an easy-to-implement exercise each day for five days (though you could watch it all in one day if you wish).

Even if you only have a few hours after the kids go to bed in the evening...

You could also squeeze in a couple hours here and there while you're juggling your business...

(Or both…)

You can create a Tiny Knockout Offer and make sales. Fast.

Grab Tiny Knockout Offers today...


Now only $47!

Yes! I'm Ready to Create My Tiny Knockout Offer!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is Tiny Knockout Offers for?

Tiny Knockout Offers is right for every—yes, every—type of business.
No matter if you run a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, or whether you sell products or services, Tiny Knockout Offers is right for you.

Coaches & Consultants

Business Owners

It makes no difference what you sell or where you sell it, your products and services solve problems.

So can a Tiny Knockout Offer.

Having a Tiny Knockout Offer can be an excellent way to reach new clients and gain more foot traffic to your business, more visitors to your website, and more clients booking your services by building know-like-trust with your Tiny Knockout Offer first.

Course Creators

By introducing a smaller, lower-priced product first, you'll attract a lead who's far more likely (and eager) to purchase your larger, more expensive course later.

Using the 5-minute Funnel bonus, you can upgrade a one-time sale into a long-term student in just a few minutes. Tiny Knockout Offers can dramatically increase your customers' lifetime value.

No matter how chaotic the world is, you should not stop solving the problems of your customers.

However, you may need to solve them in a different way.

Different containers... different capacities... or even different orders.

The Tiny Knockout Offer allows you to create a gateway into your business, so that you can keep helping your customers and potential customers no matter what happens in your business, in the community, or even in the world.

Yep! That’s what I said up above—and I mean it!

Tiny Knockout Offers are FABULOUS for brick-and-mortar businesses.

The real question for you is why wouldn’t a brick-and-mortar create a Tiny Knockout Offer?

I mean, who wants profit-and-loss…

When you can be profit-and-boss?! 😉

(I couldn’t resist.)

What I'm sharing is what I've learned through my own business experience...

By starting small, but dreaming big...

By starting with my teeny tiny but profitbale mini programs, then scaling to my bigger offers later...

This allowed me to build the successful 6 figure+ company I have today.

The Tiny Knockout Offer course has been in the works for two years...

But it will only take you five days to implement. 😉

After welcoming over 5,000 business owners from all industries, niches, and backgrounds, we would like to welcome you, too!

Are you readyfor quick cash and a more sustainable business in the process?

Yes, you are! (Of course you are!)

Create your Tiny Knockout Offer today!

Let's Do This!

What you get when you get your copy of Tiny Knockout Offers:

“Holy Canoli, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $47? Seriously?!”


“Wait… so when you say “Tiny Knockout Offers, do you mean, like, physical products?”

No. It's better than that.


Tiny Knockout Offers are small digital products that require little overhead, are so easy to make, and do not require any technical skill on the part of the user.


(Actually, you don’t need any technical skills.)


With our tech tutorials and templates, this will be a breeze.


The best part is, you won't need to be available 24/7 to service your customers because we show you how to sell your Tiny Knockout Offers via simple tech solutions.


Technically, you do not need to be available at all!

This is not about helping you develop a long-term, long-game strategy or creating complex funnels.


Now isn't the time for me to tell you stuff like that. (We can talk about that later.)

Rather, my goal is simple:

I want you to make a lot of money in little time and grow your audience—in the way I know best:

Tiny Knockout Offers

“Ok, but I have a unique unicorn of a business, is this going to benefit my business?

I need some examples!”

Short answer:

Absolutely. Most likely! Even if you are unique, your business model probably isn't, and as long as you sell products or services, the concepts behind Tiny Knockout Offers still apply.


...gear guides from (and for) videographers and photographers…

...packing lists and hiking guides from brick-and-mortar, outdoor recreation retailers…

...content templates from social media managers… trainings from Instagram influencers on selfie photography…

 ...potty training schedules and charts from parenting experts…

...ebooks on essential oils from MLM representatives… plans and exercises from personal trainers and gyms… trainings of meditations and affirmations from life coaches…

...short-term Bible studies from churches and pastors…

...tutorials from hair and nail salons on specific styles or designs...

...quickie courses from online business experts on creating Tiny Knockout Offers…

(That last example was me. And this. #SoMeta)

It's all wrapped up in a 5-day workshop you can complete and implement in (you guessed it) 5 days… or less.


I've taken my own advice here:

I’ve put this at a no-brainer price so you don’t have to ride the fence for days or even hours.


Why? Because I don’t want you to delay creating your tiny knockout offer for days or even hours.


Your business needed this like, yesterday.


But... today will be just fine. 😉


Lock in this low price today, it price will be going up soon!

Grab Tiny Knockout Offers today...


Now only $47!

I Want Tiny Knockout Offers!

"Why the urgency, Kimberly?"

Here’s the thing:

 This is definitely a highly unusual time.

Even with everyday items slowly starting to rise in price, it's going to be a while before things return to what we know as "normal."

Here are a few things we know for sure:


People are still buying.


You (and your products and services) are still needed.


People still experience the same problems they did before the pandemic. These problems need solutions, such as your products and services.


While your current products and services do not have to change...


Your business may feel compelled to pivot and provide a simpler solution so that it can survive - and even thrive - in this unusual time. Creating a gateway for your other offers while also growing your audience.


If that's where you are, I would like to help you.

Your Tiny Knockout Offer can be in addition to—or instead of—your normal products and services.

You don't have to abandon your current business model.
You certainly do not have to stop selling.
Buying and selling are what make our economy tick.

Wall Street is not our economy.

WE are the economy.

And it only works when we keep the money circulating.

Why not create a Tiny Knockout Offer to keep the cycle going?

With a no-brainer price point, you can create a small and simple digital product that your audience won't be able to resist.

(...if you follow my proven framework...)

You can later leverage in order to grow every aspect of your business.

Tiny Knockout Offers is doing exactly that.

Are you curious? Ready to get started? Or at least ready to take the next step?



01   Grab your digital copy of Tiny Knockout Offers here.
02    Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!
03    Follow the 5-day framework to create your tiny knockout offer fast.
04    Launch it to the world using our simple, organic launch strategies (no ads needed!).

Grab Tiny Knockout Offers today...


Now only $47!

I'm Ready Let's Do This!

You don't need a large audience, a huge advertising budget, or fancy technical skills to get started.

You just need The Tiny Knockout Offer Formula.

We’ll help you come up with your idea, design your digital product, turn your product into an offer, price it so you can profit, and sell it like hotcakes


In 5 Days or Less.

Your business needs this. Actually, your business deserves it.

(Ok, it needs it, too.)

You’re ready to add a simple stream of income to your life.

(After all, the average millionaire has seven streams of income... so get to it! 😉)

You are more than ready to add a simple and sustainable stream of revenue to your business.

You’re over your business having to depend on its current products and services… and you suspect the time to pivot is now.

If you’re ready to pivot into profit…

You’re ready for Tiny Knockout Offers.


What they're saying about Tiny Knockout Offers:

Join Us In Tiny Knockout Offers!

FAQs About Tiny Knockout Offers:

Create your Tiny Knockout Offer today and give your business the quick cash injection—and the sustainable stream of revenue—it needs. 



Grab Tiny Knockout Offers today...


Now only $47

I'm Ready Let's Do This!!